Here are 7 reasons to build more muscle:

1. You start losing muscle around the age of 30. 🤯
Yes, you read that right. On average, people lose around 3%-8% each decade… and then it speeds up after you turn 60.
The sooner you get started on building your muscle “bank,” the better! 
Muscle loss is one of the top causes of disability for older people – they become too weak to live alone and are more prone to falls and injuries.

2. You’ll build stronger bones. Did you know that many people start losing about 1% of their bone mass PER YEAR after the age of 40? 
Stressing your bones (when you’re doing it in a healthy way through strength training!) will help boost your bone density and cut the risk of osteoporosis and fractures when you get older.

3. It can help you manage chronic conditions. Lifting weights can help you cut back on symptoms of arthritis, chronic pain, heart disease, depression, diabetes, and obesity.

4. It can help with fat loss. If you’re trying to lose weight, strength-training workouts are an important tool – and they can help you keep (and maybe even build a little) muscle as you get leaner.

5. It can help sharpen your thinking.  Studies link regular strength training and aerobic exercise with better brain function. 🧠

6. It’ll improve your quality of life.  Your everyday activities get easier – starting ASAP! Plus, it can improve your balance and protect your joints from injury.

7. It helps you keep your balance. Again, this can help you avoid slip & fall accidents now and as you get older.Plus… having toned muscles is great for your confidence and energy level! 
Your workouts are improving your life and health in SO many ways! Pretty amazing, right!? 💪

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