I’m sure that you all have heard that strength training is important for women, but have you ever wondered WHY it’s important?πŸ€”

1. Most women begin to have a gradual loss of muscle mass and sometimes bone mass after the age of 35. This can cause back pain, injuries, and other health issues. A consistent strength training routine can prevent and even sometimes reverse the loss in muscle and bone loss women experience. This will result in healthier bones and joints!🦴

2. Strength training can help improve your cardiovascular health! A studio from the American College of Cardiology conducted in 2018 determined that strength training was better at reducing the risk of heart disease than some cardio activities, such as walking or cycling.πŸ«€

3. Strength training increases your metabolism! Did you know that for every pound of muscle you gain, you burn 50 more calories each day? Strength training has been linked to an increase in muscle mass which will increase your daily calorie burn, meaning you can eat a little more food each day!πŸ”₯

4. Strength training is a proven mental health booster. It has been linked to a decrease in anxiety, depression, stress levels, and self confidence!🧠

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