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How to Contact Us!

To ensure we receive your communications, please use only the following contact information. We typically respond quickest to text and email as we are often meeting or working with clients.

Text/Call # 703-822-0050
Email – [email protected]

Text/Call # 703-822-0040
Email – [email protected]

Important Resources:

StarFit on Demand: 100+ at home workout videos created by your StarFit trainers!

  • Free access if you are on a monthly recurring membership
  • $19.99/month subscription – purchase here!

StarFit Mindbody Login:

  • Classes tab: Schedule your small group sessions (if you don’t like using our app)
  • My Info tab:
    • Profile: Update your password, personal info, notification settings, payment information, etc.
    • you can also view My Schedule, Visit History, Purchase History, Account, Documents
  • Buy Services tab: purchase packages, gift cards, recurring memberships
  • StarFit on Demand tab: also linked from this page!

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Free Informational Resources for Your Journey:



HABIT CHECKLIST – click here

FOAM ROLLING – click here


Scheduling Policies

Session Cancellation Policy: You can change or cancel any session up to 2 hours before your reservation. If you cancel or change your booking within the 2 hour window, you lose the session credit. If you have an unlimited membership, you’ll be charged a $9.99 late cancellation fee.

No Show/Absentee Policy: If you are absent from a scheduled session, you will lose the session credit. If you have an unlimited membership, you’ll be charged a $19.99 no-show fee.

Waitlist Policy: If a session you’d like to attend is full, we highly recommend putting yourself on the waitlist. You’ll see an “Add Waitlist” button when selecting a full session. If a spot opens up, you’ll get a confirmation email or text message depending on your selected notification settings.

If a spot opens up within the cancellation window, you will be automatically added to the session. As our cancellation window is 2 hours, you will not be automatically added to any session with less than 2 hours notice. Ex) If you are on the waitlist for 5:30pm, you will not be automatically added past 3:30pm.

Even if you do not get off the waitlist, keep an eye on the schedule if you still would like to attend. It is still possible that a spot opens up if another client late cancels. Ex) a client cancels their 5:30pm booking at 4:45 (they would be penalized for a late cancel). Even if you are on the waitlist you will not be automatically added to the session but there IS now a spot available that you can grab!

IMPORTANT: It is assumed if you’re on the waitlist, you’re planning on attending the session if you get in. If you do not want the spot, it is your responsibility to remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid cancellation penalties.

*Early AM Sessions*- As our cancellation window is 2 hours, it is very possible you will be added to a session overnight. If you aren’t planning on waking up to attend the session, please remove yourself from the waitlist before you go to sleep.

MEMBER FAQ / Important Info

How to change your notification settings: If you have your notification settings turned off, you will NOT receive important information such as waitlist notifications. Please make sure you have email/text notifications set up.

  1. Login to your StarFit Mindbody Account
  2. To access your notification settings:  My Info tab–> Profile–>Personal – select ‘Edit”
  3. To ensure you receive all text notifications/updates:
    • Have the correct cell phone number listed
    • Check off “text” for reminders and schedule changes

How to update membership payment info: Adding a new card on our app will NOT update your auto renewing payment information! If you are on a membership you MUST change your payment information through your Mindbody Account.

  1. Login to your StarFit Mindbody Account
  2. Edit your billing information. (My Info tab –> Profile –> Billing Information)

Membership Policies

Pause Policy: Members may temporarily pause their membership for a maximum of 90 days within a given calendar year. To request a pause, you must fill in the official pause request form. Hold requests made via text message/email are not valid.

Cancellation Policy: As required by your membership agreement, 4 week official notice is needed to cancel a recurring membership. If you have a scheduled renewal payment within the 28 day period, the payment will be processed as scheduled. All payments are non-refundable. To cancel, you must fill in the official cancellation request form. Cancellation requests made via text message/email are not valid.


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