Semi Private Training

  • The Best Alexandria VA Gym With Small Group Fitness Classes for Women

We specialize in one-hour long strength and conditioning sessions. Each session pairs a small group of no more than eight clients with one Certified Personal Trainer.

Our workouts focus on fundamental movements and exercises that have worked for hundreds of years in fitness. We avoid the trending fads and gimmicky short-term solutions that inevitably fail in the long run. During our Small Group Sessions, you will use things like barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRXs, rowers, hammers, battle ropes, and much more. Don’t know what some of that stuff is? Don’t worry, we teach you everything you need to know.

Each workout is built and led by a Certified Personal Trainer and because we limit our class sizes you get personalized help.

Other group training concepts try to squeeze in as many as 30+ clients a session. They build an amazing workout, but the workout does not conform to you in any way. The result can sometimes create an overwhelming environment that lacks personalization and support. StarFit is the opposite! We purposefully limit class sizes, so you get the support you need to have fun and get results. Your trainer will know your name, needs, and goals. Have an injury or concern and need a modification? We are on it! Do not feel comfortable trying something? Do not worry we can adjust around you!

✓ We aren’t boring! Our ever-changing, interval-based strength and conditioning workouts keep things fun and get you results. We offer a new workout every day.

✓ Each session is driven by a visual timer that keeps the workout fast-paced and fun.

✓ We use industry-leading technology — pairing clients with a heart rate monitor to track their key metrics and take the guessing out of fitness. We then use science to get results and allow each member to perform at their very best.

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