Ready to learn about Biotin?


Ready to learn about Biotin?

Biotin is B vitamin that claims to help with hair, skin and nail health. It claims to induce growth and strengthen hair, skin and nails. It has been found that biotin deficiency does lead to brittle nails, hair loss and skin rashes (fact). Unfortunately there have been limited studies on this topic (even though it’s so talked about online…) so more to come (as always🙃).

The limited studies do show that taking 2.5 mg of biotin/day did improve nail growth after 6 months of taking the supplement. Taking this dose of biotin there were no negative side effects reported. Taking up to 10 mg/d showed that the participant could have skewed labs and may interact with seizure medication (so if you’re having lab tests done, I would tell your doctor). Me, having epilepsy, I would have to speak to my neurologist before starting.

The FDA has stated that 30 mcg per day of biotin is adequate for people over 19 years of age. Biotin is available in foods but cooking and canning denatures the biotin making it hard to absorb in the body. Biotin is also not as available in products during certain seasons. Also, eggs whites naturally interfere with biotin absorption, so to get the biotin you’d have to just consume the yolk…which we want to consume in moderation. 

Trace amounts of biotin are in many products, but the most significant amount is in organ meats and egg yolks. Remember to read the amounts…in the chart the dose in food is in mcg, while the studies have participants taking supplements in mg. 1000 mcg is in 1 mg, so consuming the amount of biotin naturally that the studies call for is particularly impossible. 

Overall, I would say the 2.5 mg/d dose would be ok (if you talk to your md before lab tests and aren’t on seizure meds), but just hold out for about 6 months to see results. 

Lastly, eat a varied diet since you’ll obtain small amounts of biotin in many different items!