Nutrition Counseling

Even the best exercise program cannot overcome a poor diet!
Work directly with our partner Dietitian, Gray Nutrition!

Meet your Dietitian, Emily!

Hi! I am Emily! I help you “ditch the diets” and focus on what works best for you to achieve your health and physique goals!  I truly believe there is no “black and white” to nutrition, and that you can live in the “Gray” area. The area where you feel no stress, guilt, and still see progress with your goals! I am so excited to be paired up with StarFit as your dietitian and I look forward to working together!

Gray Nutrition has created “The Gray Way” method exclusively for StarFit clients! It’s a 4-step proven method to transform your health + physique.

  • Step 1: Preparation
  • Step 2: Prioritization
  • Step 3: Metabolism
  • Step 4: Consistency

This method will help you:

  1. Change your relationship with food.
  2. Make your metabolism work for you not against you.
  3. Get you the body composition results you have always wanted.
Let’s do this!


The Gray Guide

Your fast track DIY Journey!
  • 1 Virtual Nutrition Assessment Session
  • Fully customized The Gray Guide
    • 10 Customized meal plans
    • Calorie and Macronutrient goals
    • How to optimize the use of My Fitness Pal
    • Meal Planning, Meal Prepping, and Bulk Cooking Strategies
    • My Must Have Pantry Staples
    • 4 Meal Prep Plans with attached grocery lists
    • Food label reading and what to look for when grocery shopping.
    • Hydration needs
    • Portion Control Tips
    • Strategies to “splurging” – how to accommodate desserts, alcohol, and restaurant food
    • My secrets to creating consistency for long-term sustainable results
    • Accommodation to specialty diet if needed.
  • Personalized Video Explanation of Guide with Tips

The Gray Way

Transforming your meals, metabolism & mindset.
  • 3 Months 1:1 Dietitian Coaching
  • 1 Virtual Nutrition Assessment
  • Customized Gray Guide (see above!)
  • Daily Support, Direction, Accountability & Encouragement
  • Unlimited Access to your Dietitian!

for 3 months


one time payment

The Gray Path

Maintenance/Accountability Plan

You must have already completed your 3 months 1:1 coaching to be eligible for the maintenance plan.

After you’ve completed your 3 months of 1:1 coaching, we recommend you continue with our maintenance plan, the Gray Path. You will receive continued weekly accountability and encouragement, unlimited access to your Dietitian, exclusive access to challenges and exclusive access to the “Gray Vault” resources, handouts, tips, tricks, etc.

Have questions? Email me and we can set up a free 15 minute discovery call!

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