LEAP over a diet?


LEAP over a diet?

LEAP stands for Lifestyle Eating And Performance. It’s an elimination diet that can be helpful if you’re having some GI issues that may be caused by inflammation. You need to be followed by a dietitian and a team so you can get proper care, but studies are showing that this scheduled elimination diet can be great for alleviating issues. You have to get MRT (mediator release test) testing and then attempt to eliminate certain foods and almost all supplements. 

Remember Google can be your worst enemy! There is a lot of inaccurate information out there! If you have questions please ask me or your doctor about elimination diets.

For the LEAP Diet you are limited to 20-25 foods, which are the least reactive, to eliminate any foods that trigger you. These “trigger” foods are found from the MRT testing and by your personal experience. With the LEAP Diet you MUST be followed by a dietitian. This diet is not the first diet that is usually recommended. It is usually recommended after other dietary changes have failed. 

Reactions to foods are not always due to your body rejecting them. Sometimes it is because of a connection of the food with a certain situation, especially if stressful. For instance, if you’ve ever been sick after eating an item, and that memory haunts you every time you see that item. 

The LEAP Diet is categorized under functional medicine. Functional medicine focuses on identifying the root cause of an issue. Functional medicine is an interesting concept and something that can definitely be helpful if you’re having a lot of GI issues. Studies are showing that inflammation can lead to cancer, Alzheimer’s and possibly neurological issues.

With all this being said, talk to your doctor if you’re having issues but don’t just jump to the LEAP or other elimination diets (like Whole30). There not sustainable and need to be monitored closely!  These diets can be great, but it is important to ensure you have medical supervision to make sure you are doing it correctly and safely.